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14. November 2014

Making of God Save Helvetica

For this year’s Nachtwandel Christian and I wanted to collaborate and present a body of work jointly as Antighost. Inspiration came as Montana Cans – makers of very cool graffiti colors and cans – send us a box of acrylic-colors, markers and cans  and asked if we could try screenprinting with them.

Now What?

We decided to create a series of prints without any use of computers or other digital means. We used black Montana markers of different sizes to draw patterns, splashes and other random stuff on transparent paper, that we then used to burn screens. Then we used Montana colors to print various different versions of patterns / color combinations, taking care that no print was the same as the other through a very complicated mathematical algorithm =). The results of that experimental printing looked pretty good already, but it was clear that there was something missing. Some theme…

Enter Helvetica!

Inspiration hit the second time as Christian found a couple of Letraset Sheets. These rub-off typfaces were used in pre-desktop-publishing times. The sheets are transparent with black letters – Helvetica in this case! Some letters had been rubbed-off already, creating an interesting mix of straight Helvetica Letters and scratchy grungy pencil marks. We then used the different Letraset sheets to burn additional screens and printed with contrasting colors over the marker-prints and also in some cases on the glass of the frames.

Each print is one of a kind! We are very happy with the results, especially when framed in similar white frames! Come check them out!

Here’ some pics:

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