Gigposters are posters that we design specifically for shows by bands we love and then screenprint manually in small limited editions. Since the swinging 60s, the global scene of DIY-artists and collectors is steadily growing. In 2013, the Antighost-collective was founded in Mannheim, Germany, and is producing visual rock’n’roll ever since. Amongs others for bands like Drangsal, Get Well Soon, Tocotronic or Sleaford Mods.

Besides gigposters, we also print limited editions of artprints and screenprinted monoprints. Artwork that is not promoting a band or event, and allows us to be creatively free and open, allowing for experimentation and trying new things. All prints are handmande, strictly limited and for sale at affordable prices – as long as supplies last!


Martin’s screenprint-artwork is hand-drawn on paper and then scanned and tweaked and colorized on a mac. Besides artprints, Martin focuses on gigposters for bands like Mother Tongue, Get Well Soon, Okta Logue, Blackberries and Wanda


Götz focuses on Rock’n’Roll, be it with his gigposters for bands like the Sonics, Metz or Sleaford Mods, as well as in “private” live as record collector and hobby-DJ hosting the Shake it Wild Night at a local Pub.


Christian AKA Graustufen likes to experiment! This experimentation leads to artprints and gigposters for bands like Drangsal, Motorama, Tocotronic or Alex Mayr, which are often based on pop-culture quotes.

Visit us in our workshop

Usually we are there between 19:00 und 23:00 CET. Visitors are always welcome. Please send us brief email or insta-message beforehand if you want to come by.

Please bring a mask. We try to stay safe. There will be beer =)


Werftstrasse 15, 68159 Mannheim
+49 621 72960875 | kontakt@antighost.de


Printworkers Barcelona

Print Workers Barcelona, a gallery and shop for spanish und internationale graphic, are located in the Gràcia area at the Placa John Lennon. It also is a coworking space for illustrators and designers and a pretty awsome screenprinting workshop as well.

Urban Mirage Gallery, Beijing

UM Gallery
Zhong Yi Street
798 Art Zone
Chaoyang District
Beijing, China